Eduteq Eritrea Case Study


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In 2017, EduTeq completed the implementation of a turnkey contract with the Ministry of Education in Eritrea. The project included the provision of equipment, installation, basic training, and other services for the vocational training equipment supplied to the various workshops across three sites in Eritrea.

The contract included over two thousand different items (over 75k individual items) ranging from hand drills to CNC machines. EduTeq successfully delivered and installed all items. Equipment was consolidated from various points across the world and shipped to Eritrea in 41 shippers’ own containers. Once at site, the equipment was distributed to the multiple workshops and contract services were completed, including the establishment of an asset management system.

Global logistics included twelve shipments from around the world, from ports in the UK, Rotterdam, Germany, Italy, Singapore, China, and Taiwan. The utilisation of shippers’ own containers allowed for secure onsite storage at each site, and fork-lift trucks were included for each site to enable heavy goods unloading.

Country: Eritrea
Type: Education, Vocational
Client: Ministry of Education, Eritrea
Funding: African Development Bank
Value: GBP 4,319,876
Faculties: Automotive Training, Woodworking
and Furniture Making, Refrigeration
and A/C, Building Construction,
Metalworking and Machine Tools

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EduTeq Services

During the period 2013-2017, Eduteq were responsible for:

  • Tendering under rigorous ICB terms and conditions
  • Global procurement
  • Equipment inspection prior to shipment
  • Pre-shipment site surveys
  • Global and in-country logistics management
  • Client relationship management
  • In-country project management
  • Equipment acceptance protocols
  • Installation, commissioning, and break-in testing
  • On-the-job equipment training
  • Study tour
  • Asset management system
  • Spare parts and consumables

Vocational Training Workshops:

including four-cylinder diesel and petrol engines, 3.5-tonne car lift, exhaust gas analysers, and engine training models

Woodworking and Furniture Making:
including multi-ripsaw and CNC profiling machines, hydraulic hot press, and multiple hand tools

Metalworking and Machine Tools:
including CNC turret milling machine, CNC controlled lathe, centre lathes, and cylindrical grinding machines

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning:
including simulation of refrigerant unit, modular trainer on refrigerator, and double-cell refrigeration unit with troubles simulator

Building Construction:
including concrete mixers, masonry saws, belt-driven air compressors, mortar mixers, and automatic proctor/CBR compactors

EduTeq’s highly experienced project management team provided installation and commissioning on site to ensure all equipment was fully operational, and trained the Ministry of Education’s  faculty in the operation, maintenance, and health and safety aspects to ensure the sustainability of the workshops.