New initiative in Forensic Science

Developing countries seek advanced technology and best practices in law enforcement.

EduTeq Limited are pleased to announce a new initiative designed to bring 21st century law enforcement practices to developing nations.

Eduteq have partnered with the University of Central Lancashire School of Forensic and Applied Sciences to create a turnkey solution for forensic science services. The solution comprises three pillars: central laboratory and training facilities, specialised equipment to support CSI field operations, and a technology platform that connects law enforcement personnel with the information they need.

In order to help governments undertake a project of this magnitude, EduTeq have also established a relationship with United Kingdom Export Finance (UKEF), which provides a lending facility to overseas buyers. The aim is to allow overseas buyers to finance the purchase of goods and services from UK exporters.

William Turner, Managing Director, summarised the benefits of the initiative. “A fair and just judicial system rests on the foundation of strong forensic practices and good police work. Improving the quality and reliability of forensic science increases public confidence in the system, which in turn strengthens society. Everybody benefits–except, of course, people who break the law.”

2018-03-01 Forensics Initiative Announcement

Eduteq Forensics Brochure printable (pdf, 1.1 mb)